Saturday, November 7, 2015

Frazetta Canaveral Plates

This is a two-part video covering some of the major Canaveral plates. Sorry about the confusion about the actual total number of plates.


  1. Hey DocDave, Thanks for all the Frazetta-fu. Read your post in another forum, and to be honest I'd love to see a video or hear your take on that new Dylan set. Can't decide if I need the whole megillah or the version that's a tad less encompassing. I understand you're somewhat of a scholar on classic Zimmy and would love to chat with you sometime about the Rabbinical nature of John Wesley Harding. Just in passing I'll mention that my brother-in-law's uncle is Daniel Kramer and it's always a gas to run into him at the rare wedding or Bar Mitzvah. Many tales of vintage Bob.......

  2. Been a big fan of Dylan all my life. Did my senior honor's thesis on Dylan in 1972. Unless you are a rabid fanatic I doubt if you would want the 18cd set. It would be overkill.
    By the way, Frazetta hated Dylan, really despised his music. Funny.